Hypnosis for stress management

July 12, 2018

hypnosis for stress management

So what is hypnosis and how can it help with stress management? Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and concentration together with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis where the therapist is merely a facilitator, helping a client into self hypnosis.

The state of hypnosis is a totally natural phenomenon and a state that we go into naturally up to 120 times per day. It forms part of the sleep cycle – we go into hypnosis every night before we go to sleep & again, every morning before we become fully awake.

We also go into a hypnotic state during the day when (a) we drive and get to our destination without remembering how we got there, (b) reading a book and getting so engrossed in it that we lose all awareness of our surroundings, (c) watching TV and again, getting very engrossed in what we are watching, as well as (d) day dreaming.

Every human being can be hypnotized if they want to be and of course, full cooperation is required for it be effective.

Hypnosis works on the power of suggestion. All throughout our lives, people are constantly making suggestions to us – parents, friends, work colleagues etc. For example, how many times have you not done something because someone suggested to you that it was a bad idea? So, what you are today is a result of all your accumulated experiences from the day you were right up to this very minute.

So what does this all have to do with stress management and reduction?

Given hypnosis involves a state of relaxation, it is a very powerful way to reduce stress and bring about a deep state of relaxation. In fact, Dr Ian Kaminskyj, from the Melbourne NLP Hypnosis centre has found with his quit smoking and ideal weight programs, his clients receive a powerful stress reduction, relaxation recording to listen to prior to their session. A number of these clients have told him about the remarkable success they have had with using this recording to help them get off to sleep at nights, after years of having to take medications to help them sleep!

When using the correct hypnotic suggestions with clients that have challenges with stress management, this can greatly help them alter their beliefs about their ability to deal with stressful situations. In doing so, moving forward, they become empowered to tackle these situations much more effectively than in the past, as their unconscious beliefs about their ability to overcome these challenges has dramatically shifted.

Ian has two powerful examples of this that come from a drink less client of his, as well as his own daughter, who had prolonged difficulty performing effectively in exams due to her anxiety surrounding the examination process.

Kevin came to see Ian to reduce his volume of drinking. As part of his hypnosis sessions, he was asked to listen to a powerful support hypnosis recording every night that (a) helped him get more & more relaxed after coming home from work each day, as well as (b) helped him overcome his previous dependency on drinking to help him deal with his stressful work situation – his employer was in the process of moving locations.

As a result of his sessions and using his daily support hypnosis recording, Kevin not only reduced his alcohol consumption by 80% after one session and being on the program for just one week, but also found that he was getting less & less stressed each day at work, as his new calm & relaxed state after hypnosis stayed with him during the day while at work! Finally, with his daughter Olivia, here is what she said having completed their academic performance stress management program after doing her Year 12 VCE exams late last year:

“I ended up having a really good mindset with my exams - I felt more positive and confident about them. I didn’t get anxious or panicky, as I had in the past. I also wasn’t concerned about what others did, either before or after each exam. I ended up feeling really good about my abilities to perform under stressful situations”

In addition, Olivia said: “I loved the process of dumping negativity and going straight to my success image. I also found it very relaxing. I loved the concept of creating a worry time each day to devote to all my worries. This worked really well, as generally, by the time I came to my worry time each day, I had forgotten most of things I was going to worry about!”

So in conclusion, hypnosis can be used to help people in a whole of range of areas in their life. However, when it comes to stress management & reduction, it works particularly well as it (a) puts the client in a deep state of relaxation, (b) via suggestion, helps alter the person’s beliefs about their abilities to deal with stressful situations, and (c) provides powerful strategies that help further empower the person to not only deal with the stressful situation, but to conquer it!

For further details on using hypnosis for help with stress management or reduction, as well as any challenges you may have in life, simply visit melbournenlphypnosiscentre.com.au or call 1300 983 717 for more information.