Juicing for wellness

November 27, 2017

Juicing for wellness

A simple way to improve your health and wellness goals this summer is by juicing. Not only is adding a variety of fresh fruit and veg juice to your routine going to assist you to meet your daily requirement of fruit and vegetables (which most Australians fail to meet), but you will improve digestion, vitality and may even shed a few kg's.

Replacing your current breakfast with one of these hearty juice recipes by Froothie is a great place to start to improve your wellness. You will need a reliable blender or juicer (I personally prefer to blend as it keeps the fibre content in). And if time is an issue, you can always juice in bulk, and freeze individual portions in bottles. 

Following a daily routine of juicing this summer will help you to be on your way to wellness.       

To find out more about having a demonstration of healthy recipes at your workplace contact The Wellness Union