4 ways to promote wellness at work

September 12, 2018

wellness at work

Employee wellness programs at work are nothing new, but they are becoming more and more popular. This is probably due in part to our increasing awareness about some of the health risks of strenuous work environments.

We know that a sedentary lifestyle can be very harmful, that staring at screens without interruption can be problematic, and that breaking up a day with active intervals can increase productivity.

It’s also been pointed out that healthier employees cost less, and that morale improves alongside wellness, which makes these programs beneficial for companies as well!

Ultimately it’s fairly easy to make sense of why wellness programs are necessary or beneficial. What’s a little bit trickier is implementing one successfully. But there are a few things you can consider in order to do just that.

1. Install Standing Or Adjustable Desks

One of the quickest ways to alter a sedentary lifestyle in the workplace is to install special desks that allow employees to stand when they want to.

2. Welcome Pets

This is of course only possible if you first make sure that none of your employees mind having a few furry friends around. If that’s the case, however, a pet-friendly office can work wonders for wellness.

Animals keep things interesting, reduce stress, and even necessitate a couple of walks here and there, with the cumulative effect that the day becomes a little less monotonous and a little more active.

3. Introduce a wellness program with an incentive

Encourage your employees to choose a range of wellness programs that everyone can participate in - perhaps with a small bonus as an incentive. It sounds gimmicky, but this sort of thing can work.

You probably won’t come up with anything quite that extreme, but these little anecdotes are merely to suggest that incentives can work.

4. Encourage Activity Inside Of Work

You don’t want to set unrealistic goals outside of working hours – look into arranging office activities during business hours (eg. yoga, meditation, pilates) to accomodate staffs increasing time poor schedules! Or look into an urban retreat now and then, or perhaps starting a walking team that everyone can participate in.

But providing these activities are optional, an active outlet can encourage regular exercise, improve morale and promote wellness at work. 

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