Yoga at work

October 16, 2017

Yoga at work Australia

Yoga at work brings many benefits and when done right, can impact your productivity, and overall wellbeing during the work day. As the founder of a wellness company, and yoga instructor, I’ve spent the past five years developing an adaptive yoga system, that can be done anywhere with no equipment, that targets the sedentary lifestyle.

Below are some key yoga poses that you can practice at work, and will help you easily fall into your new yoga routine.

Seated hip stretch

Yoga at work Australia

This is a great yoga pose you can do at work, as it stretches out your hips, which can get tight from sitting a lot of the day, and it improves lower back pain. While sitting in your chair, place your right ankle on your left knee. Flex the right foot, so you can protect the knee joint, and fold forward to stretch in the hip. Hold for 3-6 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Seated cat/cow

Yoga at work

This yoga pose can improve your posture, strengthen and stretch the neck and spine, and massage the organs in the belly. Its also great to relieve stress and calm the mind when moved with the breath - a perfect yoga pose at work. As you inhale arch forward, and as you exhale draw the spine back. Repeat at least 8 rounds.

Easy Shoulder stretch

At work yoga 

Seated stretches at work are a great way to become aware of your posture. This pose stretches the belly, improves digestion. A variation is to clasp the hands above the head and draw up towards the ceiling to gain more length and decompress the spine. Hold for 3-6 breaths. Relax for a few breaths, and switch the grip.

One Minute Meditation

This practice is simple and effective. Commit to meditating at least one minute every day. An easy meditation is imagining your thoughts are clouds. Notice them go by, but don’t get attached to one thought more than another, and watch the thoughts fade by as they continuously pass. Notice the nature of the thoughts: Are they mental talk or mental images? Notice where the mind is wandering: Are your thoughts memories, daydreams, planning, or worries? Label the thoughts as just that: Thoughts.

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