Yoga Classes

The Yoga class is the most awaited time of the week. It really helps a lot managing stress and releasing the tension. I love this Yoga studio!


SLOW YOGA – level 1

slow includes moderate paced flows to entry-level strength content. These classes ARE PRACTISED IN A WARM ROOM OF 24 DEGREES, offerS more modifications and detailed instructions on fundamental postures. Students can expect to feel comfortably challenged. We welcome beginners to more seasoned practitioners who prefer a steady paced practise.

VINYASA – level 2/3

Our VINYASA class includes flow and strength content designed to challenge your current limitations physically and mentally IN A HOT ROOM AT 28 DEGREES. These classes tend to focus on building into more challenging asana. You will build strength and body awareness by exploring more complex transitions and by having a play into inversions and arm balances.

These classes are catered to Intermediate-Advanced practitioners. We recommend that you feel competent in a SLOW class prior to attending

YIN – All levels

Our YIN is a super chilled class that includes deep openings and gentle movement. Postures are typically seated or laying down and held for 3-5 minutes at a time. These are slow paced classes that allow space and time to cultivate awareness and reflection.

A perfect place for any student wanting to create a calm meditative state of mind.