The Studio

Welcome to The Wellness Union.

Our vision is to make a difference through guiding you to meet personal, fitness and wellness goals.

Our mission is to bring exceptional quality classes. We create a nurturing community for you to move safely and subtly to experience transformative results in body, mind & soul.  

Our teachers are always mindfully present for their students with the intention to create a space where you will always feel comfortable and supported to meet your goals.

More than just the physical practice of yoga, your experience begins the moment you sign up and book online. Enter the studio, leave the busy city world behind and relax in our urban sanctuary, bathed with sound healing.


Our classes are open to everyone at any level of experience. If you're looking for something in particular, then our class descriptions below might help you choose the right thing for you. Our classes are warm and conducted in a slightly heated room.


Our YIN is a super chilled class that includes deep openings and gentle movement. Postures are typically seated or laying down and held for 3-5 minutes at a time. These are slow paced classes that allow space and time to cultivate awareness and reflection.

A perfect place for any student wanting to create a calm meditative state of mind.



Our SLOW class includes moderate paced flows to entry-level strength content. These classes typically offer more modifications and detailed instructions on fundamental postures. Students can expect to feel comfortably challenged. We welcome beginners to more seasoned practitioners who prefer a steady paced practise.

If it’s your first time practising yoga, we suggest you attend at least one Foundation class first.


Our VINYASA class includes flow and strength content designed to challenge your current limitations physically and mentally. These classes tend to focus on building into more challenging asana. You will build strength and body awareness by exploring more complex transitions and by having a play into inversions and arm balances.

These classes are catered to Intermediate-Advanced practitioners.

We recommend that you feel competent in a SLOW class prior to attending.


A deeply restorative lying down practice designed to calm the nervous system. You will be fully supported to get you feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Students can expect to be guided through relaxing body scans, yoga nidra, breath work or simple mantras. Whether you need to unwind from the day, or recharge the mind and body, this class will help you switch off from the often hectic pace of city living.

Combined with Sound Healing music which aids in supporting a meditative state of being, our meditation classes are designed to bring you back to the inner stillness that resides within you.


When taking a class at The Wellness Union you will notice our unique beats. We use a variety of sound healing music and singing bowls in our classes. Our frequencies include: 7.83hz to heal the body and increase vitality, 8hz to send you into a deep alpha state, 396hz to liberate guilt and fear, 417hz to create positive changes, 432hz to raise positive vibrations and align energy, 528hz to repair DNA, evoke love and transformation, 639hz to improve connectedness, and 741hz to free emotional restrictions.  

And while all of that may sound different, on a much simpler level the music just feels good and creates a zen space for your practice!


You can start by signing up and registering on this site. 
Please note: Out of respect for our students and teachers time we have a strict late policy so even if you are 1 minute late to class then no class for you!