Melbourne you survived a challenging year with covid. Now, it’s time to recover from the stress of last year with an Urban Retreat!
Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of Yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Let go of stress and tension. Learn tools to allow this calm to flow into your everyday life.
2-3.45pm Restorative Yoga and Pranayama (breathing techniques)
3.45-4.30pm Yoga Nidra - guided deep relaxation
4.30-5pm Meditation Ajapa Japa - combines awareness of the breath with visualisation and mantra.

Spending time for yourself to look within allows you to release blocks in your life and create clarity. During this workshop we will be focusing on holding yoga poses for longer, giving you the opportunity to focus on your breath and maintain mindfulness of your body and thoughts that may flow through your consciousness.
Restorative Yoga is mainly seated and supported postures suitable for all body types and levels from complete beginners to more experienced students
Pranayama teaches us how to control and expand our breath. It allows a deeper connection between the body and mind. These techniques can be used to energise, balance and calm our entire system. You will learn tools to use during your everyday life to assist with issues such as stress, insomnia and lack of energy.
Yoga Nidra means psychic sleep. It is a deep guided relaxation where you will be lying down, releasing all tension physically and mentally. It combines breath awareness, systematic body relaxation and visualisation.
Ajapa Japa is a meditation practice that is also suitable for beginners to advanced students. Often when we sit to meditate many thoughts come into the mind. This practice uses the breath and a mantra to anchor the mind. If the mind drifts we come back to the mantra. This is a simple and powerful technique that can also be used when walking, waiting in a line or when you need a few minutes to clear your mind.
Places are limited - prebooking via: https://wellnessunion.as.me/?appointmentType=18642421