Gratitude Journal

This is no ordinary gratitude journal. "Gratitude Diary: 100 Days Will Change Your Life," It is a simple but proven method to radically change your mindset. "A helpful way of coping with life's adversities is by finding gratitude for little things that may previously have gone unnoticed. "Gratitude Diary: 100 Days Will Change Your Life" will provide mental nourishment and peace of mind by identifying why you are blessed each day. Reinforcing this positive change will become second nature." Why do people invest in "Gratitude Diary: 100 Days Will Change Your Life"? Tried and Proven Method: Radical approach that reinforces positive thinking. Continual Support: Daily diary entries ensures that no mental relapse will occur. Easy to Follow: Quick straightforward method is easily maintainable. Long-Lasting Resource: Diary can be reflected back on and techniques reused. Extra Pages Supplied: Photocopy for further use or complete them in the book.

Learn Gratitude: Transform Your Life. This book has been shown to change the outcome of people's professional and personal journeys permanently. Learning gratitude and identifying where you are blessed in your life promotes self-awareness, mindfulness and optimism. These attributes are vital for facing life's challenges confidently and also regaining strength in adversity. "Gratitude Diary: 100 Days Will Change Your Life" will provide the structure to overhaul your mindset. Make a small commitment to this method and notice significant differences. This cost and time-effective technique has already helped many people to gain a higher perspective and, in turn, become more satisfied. Show a little gratitude and gain massive results. Counting your blessings will ultimately cultivate more blessings. Still need convincing? Here is what some of our readers have said about the effect that this powerful book has had on their lives: "I have had a few months now of a life change .... had a heart attack and a stroke since September ... I also am left side blinded .... this journal is helping me to remember things I used to do that I can't do any more .. the things I used to really take for granted.. but it helps me to be appreciative for what I can do and what I do have.. thank you... it has come into my life at a perfect time." Judy " is such an essential part of our lives and, unfortunately, too often gets put on the back burner and the blessings of our lives are taken for granted. This Gratitude Journal is the perfect resource for us to just take a minute and just be grateful. Our lives are amazing and positive and powerful...and this journal helps us to visualize that. There is so much negativity in the the news and the media, and it is easily to let that overcome your feelings of gratitude. This journal helps you to keep that positive energy in your life so that it can grow and spread to other parts of your life and other people in your life. This book will change your life." Michelle .."...I think instilling gratitude is a great thing and if this tool can help humankind do that; more power to it. I particularly enjoyed the "breaks" in between of inspirational quotes, or room to write answers to different questions or make doodles. I plan on utilizing it. Thank you." Cassandra